SEPT 16—18, 2016





SEPT 16—18


THE CLASSROOM Now in its eighth year, this curated series of informal conversations, workshops, readings and other artist-led programs is also an informal venue for artists, writers and publishers to feature new releases and present their publications. The Classroom is organized by David Senior, Museum of Modern Art Library.


6:00 – 9:00 pm

The Third Rail #8

                A temporary exhibition of posters from issue # 8 of the nonprofit quarterly publication, The Third Rail, with posters by Aaron Anderson & Eric Timothy Carlson, Lise Haller Baggesen, Gina Beavers, Judith Bernstein, A.K. Burns, Cameron Keith Gainer, Sam Gould, Albert Herter & Hiro Kone, Jibade-Khalil Huffman, Alfredo Jaar, Chris Kasper, Devin Kenny, Justin Lieberman, Jordan Nassar & Brendan Fowler, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Peter Rostovsky, Bruce Tapola, Jonathan Thomas, Voider, Christine Wang, and C. Spencer Yeh. Posters are free to take home.


1:00 – 2:00 pm

From moving frames to turning pages with Martha Wilson, William Stover and Marit Følstad

                Can ephemeral installations and time-based media art be translated or transcribed into the space of a publication? What challenges, methods and strategies can the artist turn to? Indexicality is a phenomenon far broader than language. Defying individual interpretation, the index refers back to a phenomenon – such as smoke as a possible index of fire. The panel will discuss the role of indexing or indexicality as a method of the artistic bookmaking process. In conjunction with the launch of her new book The Marble Index, artist Marit Følstad is joined in conversation with curator William Stover, founding director of Franklin Furnace Archive, and artist Martha Wilson. Presented by Teknisk Industri.

2:00 – 3:00 pm

Sorry to dump on you like this.zip by Christopher Clary with Paul Soulellis

                Clary will perform and discuss his new commission for Rhizome with Paul Soulellis. It’s tempting to call Sorry to dump on you like this.zip a pornographic work, since an actual porn collection is embedded within it—the artist’s own archive of men accumulated in fifteen years of web browsing. But these JPGs serve only as a substrate: thin scaffolding for an epic textual work that hangs loosely from the files. The work unfolds like a desktop opera with intimate exchanges between boyfriends and lovers, alternating between dramatic betrayals, breakups, and banalities. “It’s perverse and dull at the same time and there’s so much to unpack,” says Hyperallergic Editor-in-Chief Hrag Vartanian. Come for Clary’s performance and take home Sorry to dump on you like this as a zip, ‘zine, print, or flash drive.

3:00 – 4:00 pm

‘I can see that’ by Freek Lomme

                A performative book launch, a loungy reading on tactility in the framework of the book ’Can you feel it? – Effectuating tactility and print in the contemporary’, by Freek Lomme, curator/editor of the project as well as poet and founding director of the Eindhoven (NL) gallery and publisher Onomatopee. Presenting artists in the practice of making and thinkers in the development of thought here and now, the project connects to tactile characteristics, guided by a specific focus on graphic, printed matter. During the specifically tuned vocal reading by Lomme, the audience gets to wear a particularly designed sleeping mask.

4:00 – 5:00 pm


                Book Launch and performance. Presented by Nieves.
[Either side of the eye, dispersed and suspended,
via videotape, overhead projector, video projector,
sound, silver coin, metal file, and a membrane.]

5:00 – 6:00 pm

Image Text Ithaca

                This event offers a series of works by recent Image Text Ithaca Fellows, Tony Cokes and Earl Gravy (Emma Kemp and Daniel Wroe), and the ITI Directors, Nicholas Muellner and Catherine Taylor. These presentations bring the confluence of language and image into the context of live encounter: reading, slide show, voice and video. Founded on the premise that the sustained interaction of writers and visual artists can produce an expanded horizon for printed and time-based works, Image Text Ithaca offers a summer symposium, an MFA program, and the publications of the Image Text Ithaca Press.

6:00 – 7:00 pm

The Book, the Woman and the Body Politic with Tatana Kellner and Juliana Cerqueira Leite, moderated by Corina Reynolds

                The human body and its socio-political framework have been important themes in women’s artists books: both formally and conceptually. Artists Tatana Kellner and Juliana Cerqueira Leite explore an expanded perspective of women’s artists book publishing. Brazilian sculptor Juliana Cerqueira Leite will talk about the representation of female anatomy within her new artists book A Potential Space. Tatana Kellner, as both established book artist and founding member of Women’s Studio Workshop will provide insights into the socio-political content of her work and her role in supporting other female artists in this field. Corina Reynolds, founder of SmallEditions will moderate the discussion and Q and A.


12:00 – 1:00 pm

The Drawings of Susan Te Kahurangi King, with Chris Byrne, Petita Cole, Gary Panter, and Stuart Shepherd. Moderated by Tina Kukielski

                To coincide with artist Susan Te Kahurangi King’s first museum exhibition (ICA Miami) and her first monograph (ICA Miami & Lucia|Marquand), curator and editor Tina Kukielski leads a conversation with a diverse group of panelists intimately familiar with King’s life and work. King’s drawings reveal an expressiveness that brings multiple narratives and a variant of styles to the surface in a fragmented symphony of foreground and background, high and low, line and color, space and time. Her work triumphs in dialogue with contemporary painting, echoing the comic-inspired work of painters such as Sue Williams, Laura Owens, and Joyce Pensato, work that similarly pulls from the poles of unique vision and common iconography. Yet in King’s work we see the unfiltered manifestation of a self-taught artist for whom art is communication, all the more relevant because she stopped speaking as a young child. King unexpectedly stopped drawing in the early 1990s. It was not until 2008, coinciding with the filming of a documentary film about her life and work, that she began to draw again. Join New Zealand outsider art specialist Stuart Shepherd, the artist’s sister Petita Cole, independent curator Chris Byrne and artist Gary Panter in conversation around the meaning and significance of King’s work.

1:00 – 2:00pm

The Source Digest by Cory Arcangel

                A reading to launch the publication of The Source Digest, a paperback collection of issues 1–10 of Arcangel’s The Source zines, which each contain the code from his various software based works produced over the past 15 years. A signing will follow the reading.

2:00 – 3:00 pm

Parallel Encyclopedia #2 by Batia Suter, in conversation with Sarah Demeuse

                This publication (Roma 284) is a sequel Suter’s first volume of Parallel Encyclopedia from 2007 (Roma 100). Suter: “In my work, I collect groups of images based on various themes and characteristics and I investigate how they can manipulate each other, depending on where, and how, they are placed. In the process of making this book, narrative lines unfolded before my eyes as I shifted images around during the editing process.” Suter will talk about her PE#2 with writer and curator Sarah Demeuse. Presented by Roma Publications

3:00 – 4:00 pm

Available to everyone: Robert Jacks and Printed Matter with Peter Anderson.

                The Australian artist Robert Jacks (1943 – 2014) began working with artists books in the late sixties, and consolidated this area of his practice after moving to New York in 1969. Among the first group of artists to sell their books through Printed Matter, Jacks developed a relationship with the organisation that continued after he returned to Australia at the end of the seventies. This presentation by writer and curator, Peter Anderson, provides a contextual introduction to Printed Matter’s current exhibition which features a selection of key book works by Jacks, as well as other significant early artist’s books from his collection. While some of Jacks’ books used low cost commercial printing methods, he is perhaps best known for the series of twelve ‘hand-stamped’ books of simple rubber stamp grids produced between 1973 and 1982. Presented by Printed Matter on the occasion of the organization’s 40th Anniversary.

4:00 – 5:00 pm

Ask New Lovers with Larissa Pham and Bettina Davis

                For the launch of the latest novellas in the New Lovers series, Fantasian and One Valencia Lane, Badlands Unlimited is pleased to present a short reading followed by an open forum for sex, love & dating advice in the 21st century with authors Larissa Pham & Bettina Davis. Come with the candid questions you’ve been afraid to ask.

5:00 – 6:00 pm

DESPITE WHAT YOU MIGHT’A HEARD, I LIKE PEOPLE with Darin Mickey and Jason Fulford

                Darin Mickey’s new book of photographs, Death Takes a Holiday represents a middle-aged man restlessly clinging to his youth and the hope of finding that elusive artifact to make anxiety subside and keep the reaper at bay. He shows us a community of recluses brought together by obsession and a pure love of music. This presentation will focus on Val Shively, owner of R&B Records in Upper Darby, PA. Val is one of the world’s experts and biggest collectors of 1950s vocal group 45s. Mickey and Fulford will play a selection of Val’s rare 45s along with an audio interview and photographs, both vintage and new. Presented by J&L Books.

4:00 – 5:00 pm

DESPITE WHAT YOU MIGHT’A HEARD, I LIKE PEOPLE with Darin Mickey and Jason Fulford

                Darin Mickey’s new book of photographs, Death Takes a Holidayrepresents a middle-aged man restlessly clinging to his youth and the hope of finding that elusive artifact to make anxiety subside and keep the reaper at bay. He shows us a community of recluses brought together by obsession and a pure love of music. This presentation will focus on Val Shively, owner of R&B Records in Upper Darby, PA. Val is one of the world’s experts and biggest collectors of 1950s vocal group 45s. Mickey and Fulford will play a selection of Val’s rare 45s along with an audio interview and photographs, both vintage and new. Presented by J&L Books.

6:00 – 7:00 pm

Confessions, by Jessica Jackson Hutchins with Gary Robbins

                Confessions, an artist’s book by Jessica Jackson Hutchins, was commissioned as part of Jessica’s two-space exhibition of the same name at the lumber room and the Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery, Reed College in Portland, Oregon. The book is partially a documentary of these two shows and, as well as a documentary of its own creation. It was produced collaboratively with Container Corps over the course of several months in a way that embodied Jessica’s practice of sculptural collage—intuitively, with each page influencing the next. To celebrate the release of the book, Jessica will be in conversation with Gary Robbins, publisher at Container Corps.

7:00 – 8:00pm

Felt Book

                The Institute for New Feeling will present a curated video screening from their online publication, the Felt Book. Borrowing from the structure of Fluxus scores, YouTube tutorials, eHow articles, technical diagrams, home remedies, etc., the Felt Book includes text, video, sculpture and interactive works from over 150 artists around the world, each proposing an instruction for “new feeling.”

8:00 – 9:00 pm

Hello Sun Hell Sign by Suzanna Zak

                Suzanna Zak presents the slideshow performance, Hello Sun Hell Sign. Originally conceived while a fellow at Image Text Ithaca, the work is an investigation of the American vernacular landscape. The images span over 5 years of photographing signage while traveling, alongside landscapes from the signs’ locations. The text is partially derived from the signs themselves, their language and commands a jumping off point. It’s the concrete poetry of the corn fields. In conjunction with this performance, there will be a new accompanying zine of the same title published by ROCK BOTTOM. Get your fill of free dirt, this one’s dedicated to those who ride alone.


11:00 – 1:00 pm

The Anamorphosis Prize

                The Anamorphosis Prize was established in 2015 to celebrate self-published photobooks and photo-based artist books. The shortlist of 20 photobooks selected for its second edition will be on hand for perusal during this event. This year’s jury includes Martha Wilson and the Anamorphosis Prize co-creators Anouk Kruithof and John Phelan, and the prize’s organizers will be present to discuss this year’s shortlist selections. The winner of the Anamorphosis Prize will be announced January 1st, 2017.

1:00 – 2:00 pm

The Measure of Reality by Maija Timonen with Lizzie Homersham

                Maija Timonen and Lizzie Homersham will read excerpts from Timonen’s first book length work of fiction The Measure of Reality and discuss love, sex and the awkward political relation of body and mind. Can ideology be discussed through its physiological effects? How does love suffer in a time of economic austerity? Timonen and Homersham will examine the way ‘internalisation’ figures in the text, as something that isn’t just a kind of adoption of a certain ideology, social reality, or understanding of the world, but is also shown as a process of taking something into oneself, into the body, in a material way. Presented by Book Works.

2:00 – 3:00 pm

Healing Music for a Troubled World by Rudy Shepherd, with Brian Alfred, Elia Einhorn and Christof Knoche

                Rudy Shepherd will present a Healing session for the fair and its inhabitants in conjunction with the release of his new publication. This will include Rudy Shepherd (as the Healer) on midi controller, Theremin and various noise making objects, Brian Alfred on guitar, Elia Einhorn (Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, Fashion Brigade) on keyboards and Christof Knoche on saxophone, performing healing music as the Black Rock Negative Energy Absorbers. Presented by Endless Editions.

3:00 – 4:00 pm

Visual AIDS presents DUETS on Nicolas Mourfarrege, with Sur Rodney (Sur), LJ Roberts and Alex Fialho

                To launch the latest volume of Visual AIDS’ DUETS series, LJ Roberts, Sur Rodney (Sur) and Alex Fialho will discuss the art and life of Nicolas Moufarrege (1947–1985). An Egyptian-born Lebanese raised in Beirut, Moufarrege lived briefly in Paris before landing in New York in the early 1980’s. He molded a complex mixture of his cultural roots into idiosyncratic embroidered artworks and a distinct curatorial and critical writing sensibility that are highlighted in the DUETS publication through an interview between curator Dean Daderko and artist Elaine Reicheck. Artist LJ Roberts writes the publication’s foreword and archivist Sur Rodney (Sur) contributes the afterword. Visual AIDS initiated DUETS to foster dialogue between artists, writers and activists about their creative process and issues around HIV/AIDS, including maintaining the legacies of those like Moufarrege lost too early to AIDS. Presented by Visual Aids and Dancing Foxes Press.


4:00 – 5:00 pm

Only Human by Jill Freedman

                In celebration of her first publication in over 10 years, Jill Freedman will discuss her work as a photographer in the streets of NY and beyond. Her first publication Old News: Resurrection City took her to Washington in 1968 at the height of the civil rights movement. A sharp-witted New Yorker, Jill is best known for her work with the NYPD and NYFD where she authentically chronicled the life and work of New York’s public servants. Only Human, published by Printed Matter with 8-Ball Zines, is a new compilation of images taken over 4 decades, which looks at the relationships between humans on earth.

5:00 – 6:00 pm

Konantu with Ivan Navarro and Courtney Smith

                Iván Navarro and Courtney Smith’s new publication Konantu is visual document that gathers intimate image-fragments from the joint life and work of artists. The book spans a decade of hands-on love and labor, an amorphous beginning of sporadic incursions and superimpositions that gradually solidifies into a unified trajectory of creative production. Konantu crystallizes into a series of “Functions” – controlled, object-cued social encounters – where the artists braid their visual and intellectual preoccupations into a live drawing of human geometry. Navarro and Smith will discuss their joint work exhibited in the book. They propose to use the material elements of the “classroom”, (chairs, boards, desks or whatever is on hand) to create a non-standard configuration. Participants will be spatially organized in a way that provokes or promotes an intended type of interaction or response yet captures a spectrum of results. The event will also involve a liquid, especially designed for the occasion, to be imbibed and shared among the participants. Presented by Ediciones Popolet.

6:00 – 7:00 pm

Tarot Readings for the Future of Artists’ Books by Zebadiah Keneally

                Do you have questions about the future of artists’ books? Are you searching for answers to questions like: How will technology interact with and change the form? What is the ecological responsibility of artists working in the medium? Are books responsible for Donald Trump’s candidacy? What is the secret to publishing a great artist book? Look no further! In his interactive performance, artist Zebadiah Keneally will publicly divine THE answers to YOUR questions using his patented “Tarot” deck: Lunch Is Very Important: All the Secrets to Life You Didn’t Know You Already Knew. Keneally will use his unique system of archetypes and icons to channel the future and reveal all you need to know about what’s to come for artists’ books. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Sunday Classroom Sessions in the MoMA PS1 Basement Theatre

12:00 – 1:00 pm

Scrapbook of the Sixties by Jonas Mekas

                Jonas Mekas, filmmaker, writer, poet, and cofounder of the Anthology Film Archives, discusses Scrapbook of the Sixties, a collection of published and unpublished texts. Every week, starting in 1958, he published his legendary “Movie Journal” column in The Village Voice, writing on a range of subjects that were by no means restricted to the world of film. He conducted numerous interviews with artists like Andy Warhol, Susan Sontag, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Erick Hawkins, and Nam June Paik. This comprehensive collection of his writings, interviews, conversations, and reflections ranges across subjects like dance, cinema, photography, music, art, philosophy and poetry from the 1950s to the present. Presented by Spector Books.

1:00 – 2:00 pm

Suellen Rocca

                To mark the publication of her first monograph, Suellen Rocca will discuss the work she made in mid-to-late 1960s Chicago while a member of the Hairy Who. The group’s four self-published “comic books” are pioneering examples of contemporary artists’ books, and their eye-popping work has inspired generations of artists in Chicago and beyond. While Rocca’s art shares the group’s ecstatic approach to representation, it uniquely addresses, in her words, “the cultural icons of beauty and romance expressed by the media that promised happiness to young women of that generation.” Joining her in conversation is Dan Nadel, founder of the Brooklyn-based publisher PictureBox, who has written extensively on Rocca and the Hairy Who. Presented by Matthew Marks Gallery.

2:00 – 3:00 pm

It’s About Time: a conversation between Karel Martens and David Reinfurt, moderated by Prem Krishnamurthy

                Dutch graphic designer Karel Martens joins New York-based designer David Reinfurt for a conversation around questions of time and creative practice. Touching upon multiple aspects of their individual work, the event will be moderated by designer and curator Prem Krishnamurthy. Although primarily focused on different media — Martens on printed matter, and Reinfurt on software-based works — both designers extend the core activities of the field through their independent investigations, which range from experimental prints, edited publications, video and interactive works, and spatial installations. This aspect of both Martens’ and Reinfurt’s practice has led them to develop ideas and projects over durations that span years or even decades. Clocks themselves figure prominently in each body of work, as a way to mark time while also perform its passing. Since the 1960s, motorized clock mechanisms have played a crucial role in Martens’ kinetic sculptures, which use continuous movement to create shifting optical effects. Reinfurt (as Dexter Sinister and O-R-G) has published a suite of objects and apps since 2000 that tell time in novel and often perverse ways, asking viewers to slow down. Bringing two key figures into public dialogue, this event raises questions about design, contemporary visual practice, and the long gestation period of independent ideas.

3:00 – 4:00 pm

Social Medium: Artists Writing, 2000–2015

                In anticipation of the launch of Social Medium: Artists Writing, 2000–2015, an anthology of seventy-five contemporary artists’ texts, Paper Monument convenes a discussion on the history of and variations within artists’ writings. In conversation with the book’s editor, Jennifer Liese, contributors Greg Allen, Ginger Brooks Takahashi, Josiah McElheny, John Miller, and Mira Schor will explore the significance of artists’ writing past and present, both in the context of their individual practices and as forerunners of the changes in writing we see today.

4:00 – 5:00 pm

The Proposal by Jill Magid with Nikolaus Hirsch

                A discussion with Jill Magid to launch The Proposal with Nikolaus Hirsch, the series editor of Sternberg Press’ Critical Spatial Practice series. They will discuss Magid’s multiyear project that examines the legacy of Luis Barragán and questions forms of power, public access, and copyright that construct artistic legacy. The archive of Barragán was split in two after his death and with The Proposal, Magid attempts to bring together Barragán’s professional and personal archives by probing the architect’s official and private selves, and the interests of various individuals and governmental and corporate entities who have become the archives’ guardians. Magid’s artwork directly engages the intersections of the psychological and the judicial, national identity and repatriation, international property rights and copyright law, authorship and ownership, the human body and the body of work. Presented by Sternberg Press.

5:00 – 6:00 pm

Mr. Lamar

                On the occasion of the release of composer M. Lamar’s first publication with RITA, M. Lamar presents We have always risen up from the Dead, a Lamentation and a Call. Presented by RITA.


At the top of the steps in the Courtyard at MoMA PS1.

Presented by Printed Matter, Inc.

6:00 – 9:00 pm
Performances by Beat Detectives and Liquid Asset.

Presented by Printed Matter, Inc.

2:00 Noah Wall
3:00 Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk babybirdsdontdrinkmilk.bandcamp.com/
4:00 Lea Bertucci


5:00 Luciernaga
6:15 pm MSHR

Presented by KNOW-WAVE.

Schedule to be announced.

Presented by 8-Ball

Cooper Ray / Tea For Two
Jazz and Standards. From roots of bebop and swing era sides thru the early to mid 50s bop and hard bop modernization. Jazz greats in thier respective golden’s eras.


Wes / Coconuts Carnival
New Orleans and Down south sounds. Blues and roots of Dixieland and Creole.

Marques / Keepin it Groovy
“Dj It Boy is the host of Keeping it Groovy, every Friday a fternoons at 3pm. His music taste is eclectic that varies around rock n roll, soul, jazz, psychedelic, and a little poetry. Keeping it Groovy means just that. Keeping the Groove. Keep it fun. Keep dancing. Keep on Grooving.”

Jasper / Sidewalk Radio
sidewalk radio/


The NY Art Book Fair is pleased to host eleven exhibitions at this year’s event. The varied exhibitions range in subject matter, from survey collections of works by individuals significant to the artist’s book medium, to curated presentations of historical ephemera.


Andrew Roth will exhibit a large selection of posters, zines and flyers from Toby Mott’s renowned PUNK collection. To accompany the exhibition of over 120 artifacts, they will launch Oh So Pretty: Punk in Print 1976-1980 published by Phaidon. This new, fully illustrated 500 page book (which will not be publicly released until later in the fall: ISBN 9780714872759) and the exhibition, focuses on the canonical pieces of graphic printed matter that accompanied the Punk movement and which on their own track the history of the politics that informed the music and the physical art that was left in its wake.
David Zwirner Books presents Oscar Murillo, in collaboration with Mandy El-Sayegh and Yutaka Sone, as they stage Room Services, a live multi-day drawing and printing performance specially organized for Printed Matter’s 2016 New York Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1. The primary elements of Room Services will be workstations, where the three artists will generate new collaborative graphic works based on unbound book materials fabricated earlier at GHP Media, a printer located in Connecticut. Delivered on pallets, this “raw material” will be assembled on-site by Murillo, El-Sayegh, and Sone, as they continue to work with the printed sheets to create unique works, which then will be installed throughout the entirety of the space.
Through the act of structuring Room Services, an operational assembly and book-production site, the artists will explore the boundaries of collaborative action, the distinct expressive potential of drawing, and the potency of the printed form.

Special thanks to GHP Media, West Haven, Connecticut.

Gagosian Gallery Gagosian Gallery is pleased to present FLASH FLASH FLASH, an exhibition as tattoo parlor. Devendra Banhart, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Douglas Gordon, Kim Gordon, Max Hooper Schneider, and Richard Wright have each created original flash art designs for the occasion. Fernando Lions and Gill Goldstein of Brooklyn’s Flyrite Tattoo will be tattooing these specially commissioned designs inside the booth for the duration of the fair. The tattoos will be hand-numbered on the bodies of the purchasers, and once six people have a tattoo, the design will be retired forever. In addition to their permanence on patrons’ bodies, each original flash artwork has been produced as a limited print by Brooklyn master printer Deb Chaney in an edition of six. Brian Roettinger has designed a special-edition book and relics acknowledging the authenticity of each tattoo for the project. The tattoos, prints, and books will all be available for sale on-site at the fair.
Maia Ruth Lee and Peter Sutherland present The Zine Tornado: A chaotic DIY zine-making experience!

Nicodim Gallery presents a Project Room focused around the artists featured in two new titles, OMUL NEGRU, edited by Aaron Moulton and containing texts by Aaron Moulton, Alissa Bennett, Philip Zimbardo, Jim Jones, Albert Fish, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, and more; and AKIRA 3 by Ciprian Muresan.

onestar press and Three Star Books present The Artist is Everything with works by Lisa Anne Auerbach, John Baldessari, Sébastien de Ganay, Karl Holmqvist, Parker Ito, and Mika Tajima.
EXTRA! EXTRA! Werkplaats Typografie is in the basement launching a new paper company that produces and distributes a personified and self-described coated(er) paper that reveals different degrees of its previous life. WT Pap(i)er is now available for reading, feeling, turning, discussing, and (over)printing.

Blonde Art Books and Poet Transmit present Cold Open Verse, a preview reel of newly commissioned and open call theatrical trailers for art and poetry publications. Artists and writers collaborate with BABS and PT to produce commercials for newly published (or soon to be) books from a custom built TV studio. These new works combined with open call submissions will culminate in the trailer reel, which will premiere opening night of the fair, September 15th, in the Basement Theatre.

(New York, NY) broadcasts live from the fair continuously throughout the weekend.



6:00pm, D12
Signing of MAN’S BEST FRIEND by KAWS. Presented by Honor Fraser.

6:00pm, N10
Launch of BOOKDUMMIES: An Imaginary Studio, a Non-stop Process 1993–2015 by Victor Sira. Presented by Bookdummypress.

6:00pm, N58
Signing of Swamp Yankee by Maggie Shannon. Presented by Art Vandelay.

7:00pm, A09
Signing of Where Do We Go From Here by Ian Lewandowski. Presented by Slow Youth.

7:00pm, A09
Signing of New Practices by Kelly Surdo. Presented by Slow Youth.

7:00pm, N49
Talking AUTOMAGIC with Anouk Kruithof. Get your book kissed-instead-of-signed. Presented by Anouk Kruithhof.

7:00pm, O01
Signing of The Difficulties of Nonsense with Robert Cumming. Presented by Aperture Foundation.

7:00pm, U05
Launch and signing of Masaki FUJIHATA an archive 6 by Masaki FUJIHATA. Presented by ANARCHIVE.

7:30pm, D03

7:30 pm, Magazine Store
Signing of Noise Name Paintings and Sculptures of Rock Bands That Are Broken Up by Kim Gordon. Presented by DESTE Foundation and ARTBOOK.

7:30pm, O19
Launch and signing of ALL THE YOUNG PUNKS by Graham MacIndoe. Presented by S U N.

8:00pm, A45
Launch of Instant Polaroid by Desilu Munoz and Stephanie Segura. Presented by Applesauce Y La Chamba.


12:00pm, V05
Launch of Interleave the Final Artists. Presented by Oranbeg Press.

1:00pm, T05
Launch and signing of Confessions by Jessica Jackson Hutchins. Presented by Container Corps.

2:00pm, A64
Signing of A Collection of Illustrations by Jeffrey Cheung. Presented by Unity Press.

2:00pm, B01
Signing of Almost Completely Baxter by Glen Baxter. Presented by Desert Island and New York Review Comics.

2:00pm, N10
Launch of Nothing Gold Can Stay by Nicholas Pollack (Especial Edition). Presented by Bookdummypress.

2:00pm, O12
Signing of Catalogue by Julian Faulhaber. Presented by Drittel Books.

2:00pm, V03
Signing of Ultimo Domicilio by Lorenzo Castore. Presented by L’Artiere.

3:00pm, A45
Launch and signing of Film Friday 3 by Paul Carrillo. Presented by Applesauce Industries.

3:00pm, D07
Signing with Matthew Ronay. Presented by Gregory R. Miller.

3:00pm, 005
Signing of Confabulations by Torbjørn Rødland. Presented by MACK.

3:00pm, W07
Signing of Everything 1 by Kenta Cobayashi. Presented by Newfave.

3:30 pm, M04
Signing of Noise Name Paintings and Sculptures of Rock Bands That Are Broken Up by Kim Gordon. Presented by DESTE Foundation.

4:00pm, A18
Signing of Get Gone Catalog by Cole Barash. Presented by A Love Token.

4:00pm, B01
Signing of Soft City by Hariton Pushwagner. Presented by Desert Island and New York Review Comics.

4:00pm, C16
Signing of Before Pictures by Douglas Crimp. Presented by Dancing Foxes Press.

4:00pm, N10
Launch of Mold 3 by Allen Frame and Sara VanDerBek. Published by Secretary Press. Presented by Bookdummypress.

4:00pm, N23
Launch of Image Objects by Artie Viekant. Presented by RRose.

4:00pm, N34
Signing of A A O UE by Keren Benbenisty. Presented by Sternthal Books.

4:00pm, N52
Launch of The Plan by Elisabeth Tonnard. Presented by Elisabeth Tonnard and Joachim Schmid.

4:00pm, O06
Launch of The Leviators by Stéphanie Solinas. Presented by RVB.

4:00pm, O12
Launch of Dear Clark by Sara-Lena Maierhofer. Presented by Drittel.

5:00pm, B01
Signing of Shamanic Shunga by Arrington de Dionyso. Presented by Desert Island.

5:00pm, B03
Signing of Fuck It by Michele Sibiloni. Presented by Lodret Vandret.

5:00pm, B07
Signing with Ed Templeton and Deanna Templeton. Presented by Deadbeat Club.

5:00pm, N23
Signing of Book 45 by Travess Smalley. Presented by RRose Editions.

5:00pm, N33
Launch of Wild Turtles coming home, again!. Presented by Hakuin Verlag.

5:00pm, N56
Launch of Santa Barbara Return Jobs Back to Us by Alejandro Cartagena. Presented by Skinnerboox.

5:00pm, U05
Launch and signing of AGAINST TRANSLATION, Displacement is the new translation by Kenneth Goldsmith. Presented by JEAN BOÎTE ÉDITIONS.

5:00pm, V05
Launch of The Photography Crossword. Presented by Oranbeg Press.

5:30pm, O06
Launch of Dominique Lambert by Stéphanie Solinas. Presented by RVB.

6:00pm, B13
Launch and signing of Blinds, Walls, and Windows (Mies van der Rohe series), by Philip Tomaru. Presented by Arts & Sciences Projects.


6:00pm, N10
Launch of Stones Throw by David Deitcher. Published by Secretary Press. Presented by Bookdummypress.

6:00pm, 005
Signing of A Handful of Dust by David Campany. Presented by MACK.


12:00pm, A45
Launch of Risograph Film Photozine by Joe Goblyn. Presented by Applesauce Industries.

12:30pm, T04
Signing of Deeper Than Night by Coley Brown. Presented by Silent Sound.

1:00pm, K04
Launch and signing of ALL-IN with Chloe Wise, Logan Jackson, India Salvor Menuez, Bror August, and Georgia Ford. Presented by Claire de Rouen.

1:00pm, O04
Launch and signing of Fate Shifts Shapes with Nicholas Muellner and Sasha Rudensky. Presented by Spaces Corners.

1:00pm, O08
Signing of Craigslist Mirrors by Eric Oglander. Presented by TBW Books.

1:00pm, R08
Launch and signing of A HOUSE WITHOUT A ROOF by Adam Golfer. Presented by BOOKLYN.

1:00pm, T02
Launch and signing of Walking in Place 1: New Orleans by Mike Slack. Presented by Perimeter Books.

1:00pm, T05
Launch and signing of Confessions by Jessica Jackson Hutchins. Presented by Container Corps.

1:00pm, T06
Signing of Blocks Blocks Blocks by CHIAOZZA. Presented by Hato Press.

1:00pm, U01

2:00pm, A64
Signing of Into a Terrible Well by Ian Tatum. Presented by Unity Press.

2:00pm, B08
Launch of The Atom Bomb and Other Pleasant Dreams by Miki Vukovic, and Index Card Drawings by Jordan Isip. Presented by Sergej/Move Elore.

2:00pm, I02
Launch of Doctor Seek and Mister Hide by Mirka Lugosi and Gilles Berquet. Presented by Vasta Editions.

2:00 pm, Magazine Store
Signing of Big Boss and the Ecstasy of Pressures by Geof Oppenheimer and contributer Anthony Elms. Presented by ARTBOOK.

2:00pm, N05
Launch of Carolee’s by Carolee Schneemann. Presented by The Artist’s Institute.

2:00pm, N10
Launch of Two Winters Long by Jason Jaworski. Presented by Bookdummypress.

2:00pm, O04
Launch of Anthropoides Paradiseus by Isabelle Everste. Presented by A-Jump.

2:00pm, 005
Signing of Archipelago by Matthew Porter. Presented by MACK.

2:00pm, O08
Signing Lost Coast by Curran Hatleberg. Presented by TBW Books.

2:00pm, O12
Signing of Firm by Daniel Salemi. Presented by Kris Graves Projects.

2:00pm, O15
Signing of Good Boy 0372 by Giovanna Silva. Published by Motto Books and presented by Dashwood Books.

2:00pm, O42
Launch and signing of A Spectacle and Nothing Strange by Ahndraya Parlato. Presented by Spaces Corners.

2:00pm, S02
Signing of Dear Data by Giorgia Lupi, presented by Princeton Architectural Press.

2:00pm, S03
Signing of The Black Banal by Tony Cokes. Presented by Image Text Ithaca Press.

2:00pm, T04
Signing of Time of Nothing by Jim Mangan. Presented by Silent Sound.

2:00pm, W02
Launch and signing of Olive Juice by Molly Matalon & Damien Maloney. Presented by VUU.

3:00pm, A18
Signing of Second Best by Kevin O’Meara. Presented by A Love Token.

3:00pm, B03 Signing of Warm Equations by Alan Reid. Presented by Lodret Vondret.

3:00pm, B07
Launch and signing of Kraag by Cole Barash. Presented by Deadbeat Club.

3:00pm, B13
Launch and signing of Public Collection 2 by Arts & Sciences Projects & NASTYNASTY©. Presented by blisterZine and Arts & Sciences Projects.

3:00pm, L03
Signing with Max Pinckers. Presented by Rorhof.

3:00pm, N55
Launch of Dictionary of the Possible edited by Avi Alpert and Rit Premnath. Presented by Shifter.

3:00pm, O03
Launch of Animals that Saw Me, Volume 2 by Ed Panar. Presented by the Ice Plant.

3:00pm, 005
Signing of Lago by Ron Jude. Presented by MACK.

3:00pm, O12
Signing of A Setting Sun, Volume II by Gregg Evans. Presented by Kris Graves Projects.

3:00pm, PROJECT ROOM 2 Signing of Oh So Pretty: Punk in Print 1976 – 1980 by Toby Mott. Presented by Andrew Roth.

3:00pm, R07
Launch of At The National Monument / Always Today by Ted Dodson. Presented by Pioneer Works Press.

3:00pm, W06
Signing of Elemer by Marton Perlaki. Presented by Here Press.

3:30 pm, Magazine Store
Signing of The Glovers’ Repository by PaulvEtienne Lincoln. Presented by ARTBOOK.

3:30pm, N43
Signing of Golden Fang by Bill Saylor. Presented by OMMU.

3:30pm, V03
Signing of After Morandi by Gary Green. Presented by L’Artiere.


4:00pm, C18
Signing with Zoe Beloff. Presented by Electronic Arts Intermix.

4:00pm, Foyer
Signing of HAIKU by Rafaël Rozendaal. Published by Rollo Press. Presented by Printed Matter, Inc.

4:00pm, O01
Launch and signing of The Jungle Book by Yann Gross. Presented by Aperture Foundation.

4:00pm, 005
Launch & Signing of ZZYZX by Gregory Halpern. Presented by MACK.

4:00pm, O06
Launch of Observatoires by Noémie Goudal. Presented by RVB.

4:00pm, O12
Signing of We Must Carry On Somehow by Owen Conway. Presented by Kris Graves Projects.

4:00pm, O16
Signing of Vitreous China by Ron Jude, and A song for windows by Takashi Homma. Presented by Libraryman.

4:00pm, Q05
Signing of Eating with the Eyes by Harry Pearce. Presented by Unit Editions.

4:00pm, S08
Signing with David Mather and Rebecca Uchill, editors of Experience. Presented by MIT Press.

4:00pm, T04
Signing of Olaf Breuning by Olaf Breuning. Presented by Silent Sound.

4:00pm, W06
Signing of Volume of Light by Thomas Brown. Presented by Here Press.

4:30pm, K04
Signing of A1, The Great North Road, Troubled Land, New Europe and Does Yellow Run Forever? with Paul Graham. Presented by Claire de Rouen.

4:30pm, V03
Signing of New Natives by Joseph Maida. Presented by L’Artiere.

5:00pm, A18
Signing of Inside the Tent by Vincent Tullo. Presented by A Love Token.

5:00pm, B13
Signing of Contacts + Contracts by Bell + Battle by Wilder Alison and David Roesing, in Collaboration with Metropolitan Structures. Presented by Arts & Sciences Projects.

5:00pm, C17
Signing of Sidewalk Salon – 1001 street chairs of Cairo by Manar Moursi. Presented by Onomatopee.

5:00pm, N06
Launch and signing of Magic by KangHee Kim. Presented by Same Paper.

5:00pm, N56
Signing of YOU CAN’T TOUCH THIS by Tilo&Toni. Presented by Skinnerboox.

5:00pm, 005
Signing with Paul Graham. Presented by MACK.
5:00pm, O12 Signing of The Testament Project, Volume III by Kris Graves. Presented by Kris Graves Projects.

5:00pm, R07
Launch of Forty-Seven Hundred Years Advanced Spirituality by Willie Stewart. Presented by Pioneer Works Press.

5:00pm, U05
Launch and signing of Rock, New Prints and Angélique Lecaille. Presented by Lendroit éditions.

5:00pm, W02 Launch and signing of Falling by John Francis Peters. Presented by VUU.

6:00pm, B03
Signing of Dicks of Death by Judith Bernstein. Presented by Lodret Vondret.

6:00pm, B20 Signing of TULIPS by Andrew Miksys. Presented by ARÖK.

6:00pm, N56
Launch of MAA by Federico Carpani. Presented by Skinnerboox.

6:00pm, O06
Launch of After The Image by Marina Gadonneix. Presented by RVB.

7:00pm, B10
Launch of PIDGIN Magazine Issue 21 presented by IIIII Columns.

7:00pm, N27
Signing of Dyed Channel by Marina Pinsky. Presented by Triangle Books.

8:00pm, O06 Launch of Siam Guy by Tiane Doan na Champassak. Presented by RVB.


12:00pm, A45
Launch of Sausage Hands by Sifry Borrayo x Andrew Smith. Presented by Applesauce Industries.

12:00pm, D02
Signing of FLOODED PENTHOUSE by Margaux Ogden and Hunter Braithwaite. Presented by Embajada.

12:30pm, B11
Signing of Skinhead by Toby Mott. Presented by Ditto Press.

1:00pm, B01
Signing of A Modern Place – Volume 1: Ouroboros Obligatory by Rodger Binyone. Presented by Desert Island and NO-Man Press.

1:00pm, N63
Launch and signing of 24 Hour Psycho by Petra Collins. Presented by SFAQ.

2:00pm, O15
Signing of Showboat: Punk/Sex/Bodies from the Mott Collection. Presented by Dashwood Books.

2:00pm, Q08
Signing with Dread Scott. Presented by C&B Publications.

3:00pm, B06
Reading and launch Off by Jan Erbelding. Presented by Hammann von Mier.

3:00pm, B13
Signing of Passengers by Luca Piola. Presented by blisterZine.

3:00pm, B20
Signing of DISKO by Andrew Miksys. Presented by ARÖK.

3:00pm, N27
Signing of Stone Works by Sam Moyer. Presented by Triangle Books.

3:00pm, N52
Signing of The Death of the Poet by Elisabeth Tonnard. Presented by Elisabeth Tonnard and Joachim Schmid.

3:00pm, O06
Launch of Out of Order Bad Display by Penelope Umbrico. Presented by RVB.

3:00pm, N10
Launch of Ten Years After Iraq by William Chan. Published by Llewelyn Projects. Presented by Bookdummypress.

3:00pm, W06
Signing of Speak Your Piece by Stacy Kranitz. Presented by Here Press.

4:00pm, N23
Launch of Samples from Seed Drawing 51 by Clement Valla. Presented by RRose.



A curated cross-section of photo-based artist’s books and magazines, this year’s Focus: Photography includes:

A-Jump Books
Akio Nagasawa
Aperture Foundation
Dashwood Books
Drittel Books
Edition Patrick Frey
Études Books
Here Press
Hesse Press
J&L Books
Kaunas Photography Gallery

Kominek Books

Komiyama Tokyo
Kris Graves Projects

Le Roy
Little Big Man Books

Kaunas Photography Gallery
Kominek Books
Komiyama Tokyo
Kris Graves Projects
Le Roy
Little Big Man Books

Oranbeg Press
Pierre von Kleist Editions

Remote Photobooks (New Zealand)
RVB Books
Siam’s Guy Books
Spaces Corners

RVB Books
Siam’s Guy Books
Spaces Corners

SPBH Editions
Spheres Publication
T&M Projects
TBW Books
The Ice Plant
Trolley Books


SPECIAL PROGRAMMING in the Theatre (Gallery W) at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. Admission is free for all sessions, but space is limited. General admission is first-come-first-seated.


7:00 – 8:00 pm

SCREEN: Hannah Black  

                SCREEN presents a screening of recent video-works from Berlin-based artist and writer, Hannah Black. Her video and installation work has been shown in solo exhibitions at Arcadia Missa, London (2015); and Legion TV, London (2013). Black has presented performances and given readings at the New Museum, Interstate Projects, and Cage in New York and at Whitechapel, the Showroom, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, and Cafe OTO in London. Her writing has appeared in the New Inquiry, Texte zur Kunst, Harper’s Magazine, and Artforum, among other publications, and her next book will be published by Verso in 2017. SCREEN: Hannah Black is organized by Marco Kane Braunschweiler and will include a post-screening conversation with the artist.

1:00 – 2:00 pm

Donald Judd Writings
                Launch of Donald Judd Writings, with conversation between Co-Editors Flavin Judd and Caitlin Murray and artist, writer, and critic Matias Viegener. Presented by Judd Foundation and David Zwirner Books.

2:30 – 3:30pm

Frieze Magazine Presents: Dodie Bellamy in conversation with Patrick Staff

                In this talk hosted by Frieze magazine, novelist Dodie Bellamy and artist Patrick Staff will discuss visibility, identity, embodiment and nuances of subjectivity in literature and visual art.

4:00 – 5:30 pm

Memory for Forgetfulness, Screening curated by Myriam Ben Salah and Martha Kirszenbaum

                This screening program is the third opus of a series presented at Kadist (San Francisco) and NeueHouse (Los Angeles) and deepens the research around a generation of artists from the Middle East whose work desconstructs any preconceived Western expectation about the region. This edition explores the relationship between popular culture, printed material and archive in the Arab world. It comprises video works by contemporary artists alongside selected music videos from the 1950s-60s-70s that reflect the complexities of the often oversimplified ‘East-West’ perspective.

6:00 – 7:00 pm

INFLATED: The underground films of Steve Hall and Cathee Wilkins between 1991-95

                INFLATED is a compilation of animated Blow up doll underground films made by Steve Hall and Cathee Wilkins between 1991-95. In a series of 7 different raunchy, drug addled, pornographic short films Candy and her best friend Summer fuck, snuff, smoke and beat their way through 60 min of some of the most ludicrous scenes ever shot on VHS and Hi-8 video. Program will run 60 min with filmmaker’s Q and A.


A lively selection of international artists, zinesters, and small presses will represent independent publishing at its most innovative and affordable in the MoMA PS1 courtyard. Exhibitors include:


643 Collective
A Love Token
Aaron Anderson
Aidan Koch
Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe
Andrew Jeffrey Wright
antoine lefebvre editions
Applesauce Industries
Art Baby Girl
B&D Press
Carnage NYC
Cesura Publish
Christopher Clary
Christopher Kardambikis
Cody DeFranco
Colour Code
Crooked Fagazine
Daily Life Storage
Dale Wittig
Endless Editions
Eric Timothy Carlson
Frenemies 5: King of Queens
Gary Kachadourian
Good Press
Heather Benjamin


j. morrison
Jennifer Calandra
Jennifer Shear

Knowledge Editions

Knuckles & Notch

La Chamba Press
Lainey Waugh

Library of the Printed Web

Mark Pawson
Martian Press
Mega Press
Melinda Melmoth
Modern Women
Noley Konnello
Packet Biweekly
Panayiotis Terzis
Patrick Kyle
Pegacorn Press
Prairie Fortress
Primitive Language
Rand Paul
Research and Destroy New York City

ope press
Scott Hug
Sean Maung
Septembre Editions
Shana Sadeghi-Ray
Silent Face
Slow Editions
Slow Youth
Snöar Press
Social Malpractice Publishing
Stephen Grebinski

The Small Press Dome

Arts and Sciences Projects
Big Love Tokyo
Catalogue Library
Deadbeat Club
Desert Island
Ditto Press
Emma Kohlmann
Eric Elms
Flat Fix
Hamburger Eyes
Hammann von Mier
Heavytime Books
HEX Editions
IIIII Columns
Jason Polan
Lodret Vandret
Miniature Garden
Move Elore
Pau Wau Publications
Perish Publishing
Search and Destroy
Seldom Reader
Sergej Vutuc
The Song Cave
Stefan Marx


This diverse group of politically-minded collectives and presses focused on the intersection of art and activism, curated by Printed Matter’s Max Schumann, includes:

Bread & Puppet Press
Guerrilla Girls
Half Letter Press / Temporary Services
JustSeeds/Interference Archive
Other Forms
Press Press
Research and Destroy New York City
True Laurels
Visual AIDS
World War 3 Illustrated


Tune in to KNOW-WAVE for a never-ending stream of programming, interviews and music broadcast live from NYABF16.


6:00-9:00 pm, Staircase
Join us on Thursday, September 17 from 6 to 9 pm, at MoMA PS1 for our opening night preview. The evening will feature special live performance on the steps of PS1 by Beat Detectives and Liquid Asset.

Entry to the Preview will cost $10, proceeds going to support NYABF16. The first 2,000 visitors to pre-pay online or to pay at the door (while supplies last) will receive a Ticket Edition by Ken Kagami.


The Courtyard Stage will be programmed by Printed Matter Inc. all day – for full schedule go online at www.nyartbookfair.com.
Tune in to www.know-wave.com for a never-ending stream of programming, interviews and music broadcast live from NYABF16.

10:00pm – 2:00am, OFFSITE
Brain Dead x POWERS(Eric Elms) x Printed Matter, Inc – Party at Kinfolk, 94 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211.


The Courtyard Stage will be programmed by Know-Wave all day – for full schedule go online at www.nyartbookfair.com.

Tune in to www.know-wave.com for a never-ending stream of programming, interviews and music broadcast live from NYABF16.

The Courtyard Stage will be programmed by 8 Ball Zines all day – for full schedule go online at www.nyartbookfair.com.

Tune in to www.know-wave.com for a never-ending stream of programming, interviews and music broadcast live from NYABF16. 

The Standard, East Village and Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair Sunday Night Afterparty Extravaganza.
DJ KayGee (Deep Trouble/LSD)
The Standard, East Village

RSVP ESSENTIAL: printedmatter@standardhotels.com